Every day extreme demands are made on our hands.

Not only the nails suffer as a result, but also the skin on our hands. Especially if you are already over thirty.

Every day degreasing soaps, water that is too hot and cleaning agents remove protective lipids from the skin on our hands and thus increase the loss of moisture and elasticity. Climatic environmental stress factors such as wind, cold, UV stress and dry air from heaters also afflict the skin.
It’s no wonder our hands often look older than our real biological age.

With the right products you can achieve optimal hand care success

The type, duration and extent of the daily pressures from outside influences determine the state and the specific care requirements of our hands.

Long ago we stopped cleaning the skin on our bodies with degreasing soap, but instead use a shower gel that contains many mild care substances. If we took the same care of our hands as we do of our face and body for example, our hands would also look younger and more well cared for and would no longer betray our true age so quickly.

That is why MICRO CELL developed the special anti-aging hand care concept MICRO CELL 3000 for all who particularly value hands that look youthful and cared over time.