The ANTI AGING HAND CARE CONCEPT is a sensational active system and addition to the successful MICRO CELL series for rejuvenation of the hands.


Everyone knows about anti-ageing care for the face, but anti-ageing hand care is a novelty. The hands are expected to do and cope with a tremendous amount. They are in daily use, have to work hard, and are exposed to external influences. All this doesn't just cause damage, but also means that the skin on the hands ages quickly. It becomes

dry, brittle, itches and feels tight.


The task of our care concept is to curb the premature ageing process of the hands, and to reduce unattractive blemishes. The exceptional active principle is based on the

latest findings from current anti-ageing research. The revolutionary system care leaves stressed hands feeling soft and supple again, and looking more youthful.



NAIL POWER has been specially developed for woman who appreciate the beauty of their nails, want to keep them healthy and encourage natural nail growth.


The NAIL POWER sealing technique, which was specially developed for MICRO CELL 3000, is applied to the outer body of the nail, where it forms a silicone-like layer. This helps to protect the nail against drying out, prevents softening substances from penetrating the body of the nail and, build up resistance whilst encouraging faster growth and maintains healthy nails.




MICRO CELL 3000 ANTI AGING HAND CLEANER is particularly formulated for woman who attach importance to an extremely skin friendly and gentle cleaning of their hands.


The soft wash active cleaning foam cleans the hands thoroughly and particularly carefully. The maritime nutrient complex bends the humidity loss already when washing the hands, while the valuable olive sheet excerpt provides for the immediate re-establishment of the protecting lipid films. Also suitable for woman with brittle and wounds hands and neurodermatitis complaints. 



Give 1-2 pumping portions of the foam into the dampened palm, briefly rub in and rinse off with warm water. Subsequently use hand cream.



MICRO CELL 3000 ANTI AGING HAND SCRUB is particularly formulated for woman who attach importance to velvety smooth and immaculate hands.


Abrasion & Peeling for velvety smooth, soft and immaculate hands. Intensively cleaning, smoothing and decolourising hand and nail peeling. Micro-fine crystals release the skin from died horny skin particles, eliminates the skin discoloration’s resulted from fruit processing or garden work, smoothes folds due to dryness on the handback and makes the hands velvety soft, while the creamy wash substance protects against drainage and humidity loss.



Depending upon need, for the intensive depth cleaning or for the 2-3 weekly handpeeling. Distribute a small amount into dampened hands and handback. Rub in for approx. 1 min. and wash off thoroughly under warm water. Particularly to recommend before each application of intensive care treatment e.g. with MICRO CELL 3000 LIFTING SERUM or MICRO CELL 3000 OMEGA HAND MASK.



MICRO CELL 3000 ANTI AGING CAVIAR HAND CREAM is particularly formulated for woman who raise high requirements at effectiveness and product quality.


Intensively regeneration and developing micro nutrient hand cream. The highly proportioned Beluga Caviar extract is rich at essential vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, mineral materials and proteins. Deficiency symptoms and energy deficits are balanced by the clenched energy and the existing premature aging of your hands is stopped.



Apply daily and massage a small amount of CAVIAR HAND CREAM on the clean hands depending upon need several times, at least in the morning and in the evening. Improves the skin regeneration process at night.



MICRO CELL 3000 ANIT AGING OMEGA HAND MASK is particularly formulated for woman demanding an intensively treatment care for extremely stressed and dry hands.


The quantified interaction of omega 3 and omega 6-fatty acid providing equally the hydrating and elastogen tissue structure of the skin, acts anti inflammatory and reduces the wrinkle depth of the hands. With the unusually high portion of valuable oils even strongly strained hands become again soft and smooth.



Depending upon need apply several times weekly generously and cover hands with the attached gloves. Approx. Leave on for 20-30 minutes to take effect (or even over night)

Afterwards rub in remainders or remove with a dry cloth.



MICRO CELL 3000 ANTI AGING HAND PROTECTION is particularly formulated for woman who require more protection against desiccation caused by external influences and frequent water contact.


Intensively protecting and humidity-binding hand care. The Micro Cell patented water-rejecting active substance complex acts like an invisible glove on the skin surface and protects it against humidity loss while in contact with water and against all other negative environmental influences. High quality evening primrose oil and skin-identical collagen at the same time provide for the restoration of elasticity, increase the water binding ability and strengthens the natural protection barrier of the skin.



Apply several times daily, at least in the morning and evening, take a small amount HAND PROTECTION on the cleaned hands and massage. Because of the water rejecting formulation and the UV protection particularly suitable for the application during day time.

MICRO CELL 3000 ANTI AGING HAND LIFTING CURE was specially developed for woman who wish to treat themselves to the luxury of an intensive and immediately visible rejuvenation of their hands.

The tripple lifting effect is based on an order of care that produces an immediate and  long-lasting skin rejuvenation of the hands.


• HAND SCRUB removes surplus horny layer build-up and refines the surface structure of the skin.

• HAND LIFTING SERUM shows an immediately noticeable reduction of the wrinkle depth and, in the longer term, builds up moisture reserves in the skin.

• OMEGA HAND MASK counters deficiencies and energy deficits in the skin through its high content of vitamins, enzymes, proteins, trace elements, minerals and albumen thus stopping the premature aging process of the hands.


Intensive rejuvenation hand cure: Apply daily in the first week and in the second  week 2-3 times, continue cure treatment as recommend. To keep the visible success after the cure treatment it is recommend to continue at least one treatment per week. On the remaining days each hand lifting product can be applied independently.



Firstly clean your hands with HANDSCRUB, scoop a small amount into dampened palm of hands and handback. Rub lightly for approx. 1 min. and rinse off thoroughly under lukewarm water. Dry hands and follow with 2-3 pumping impacts HAND LIFTING SERUM and rub in until completely absorbed.

Subsequently distribute OMEGA HAND MASK generously on the hand inner surfaces and the hand back. Cover Hands with MICRO CELL gloves and leave for a individually time at least however 20 min. Subsequently, rub in or remove remainders with dry cloth. 

Tip: Best results are achieved with leaving OMEGA HAND MASK on overnight.