Scientifically based knowledge and more than three decades’ experience have helped to make MICRO CELL 2000 “the global specialist” today for the treatment of individual nail problems.


Reason enough for us to insist that every MICRO CELL product must have a differentiated spectrum of activity so that it can adjust its particular active system to different nail problems. This ensures that you too can experience every MICRO CELL product as a precisely targeted and guaranteed effective problem solver.


With the development of the Green series, the MICRO CELL laboratory has been able to set the benchmark for the highest level of efficacy, innovation and safe ingredients in nail care. 

MICRO CELL GREEN products stand for exceptional quality and tolerance. They contain none of the ingredients that are rated as questionable by the nail cosmetics industry, and offer the maximum level of efficacy. 


With the development of the Green series, the MICRO CELL laboratory has managed to set the benchmark for the support and preservation of a healthy nail structure.

NAIL REPAIR GREEN is a clear varnish for extremely dry, particularly weak and brittle problem nails. Excellent compatibility, especially suitable for people with allergies and during pregnancy. It does not replace Nail Repair! Rather, we offer an alternative as NAIL REPAIR GREEN is VEGAN!

NAIL REPAIR GREEN bases on the restoration of protein molecules in the stratum corneum layer. Silica and mineral UV filter boost the development of nail moisture,  protecting  the body  of  the nail against further dehydration.  It strengthens and firms soft, brittle nails from within, and protects the nail tips against splintering, breaking and tearing.  The nails become more resilient and shock-resistant.



Apply one layer of NAIL REPAIR GREEN on two  successive days.

On the third day, remove the old layers with Nail Repair Remover, and repeat the treatment as on days 1 and 2. The treatment should be carried out over 2 – 3 weeks. We recommend then using NAIL REPAIR GREEN once a week, either by itself or as a base coat.